September 30th, 2022

Mustafa is an artist that feels very genre agnostic to say the least. In a world where the most popular artists sit and build entire homes on the suburbs of music genres, Mustafa feels very comfortable. This music video is set in Toronto’s Regent Park and features your traditional rap video shots but the underlying soulfulness of Mustafa’s voice is what really makes the video. In the end we have a Toronto artist that effortless pleas to stop gun violence in a familiar setting with an unforgettably distinct voice.

Cosign: Mustafa | Curated by Future Modern

A leaky pipe starts out as a faint echo but without really taking care of the problem it ends up gushing into your living room in the middle of the night without warning. Ecco2k’s “CC” goes from a drip to an explosion all over your playlist in under three minutes. The production here from whitearmor and gud drives this melodic banger home every step of the way. Ecco2k’s vocals are completely additive and give just the right amount of substantive essence to complete this song. A great rainy day song that hits your playlist at the right time.

Cosign: Ecco2k | Curated by Future Modern

September 28th, 2022

Jean Dawson’s ascension is directly tied to this vision. Tickets for his upcoming tour are selling out and his album dropping October 7th includes features from Isaiah Rashad and Earl Sweatshirt. Surrounded by incredible creatives like Bradley J. Calder and Nico Hernandez we are very bullish about the team helping Jean. Anyone who has listened to Pixel Bath and Bad Sports are in for a treat as this next project is sounding much more lush and evolved from the past projects. This hoodie season will be soundtracked by a kid from Cali with an idea.

Cosign: Jean Dawson | Curated by Hallway

Ojerime is a creative and labeling her as just an artist is a complete disservice. Her vision draws you in and the execution keeps you hooked. This lighthearted guitar-driven song gives you a minute to breath and doesn’t force its way into your ears. A little more digging and the visual aesthetic that comes through on the music video below is something completely driven home by her other work. Ojerime’s video is a hazy vision floating along aimlessly while her brand is anything but.

Cosign: Ojerime | Curated by Makintsmind

Several projects in now, South Africa’s own, Priddy Ugly takes us down a slow winding dirt road of a song. This song takes its time but feels very much like an early 90s MC telling us a story. Priddy’s most recent project, MUD, is a very concise narration of his everyday life with sprinkles of what he’s currently seeing. We’d urge you to go back and dig into his 2017 Egypt project and notice the clear and evident growth in the past few years. This is an MC finding his voice at just the right time and all of his visuals feel very aligned with his vision.

Cosign: Priddy Ugly | Curated by MakintsMind

YSL’s run is unquestionable at this point. Despite their current legal issues and the untimely death of Lil Keed back in May the one consistent is the music. This song made its way through our system because of everyone featured here. Big Sean has a stand-out verse and Keed’s adlibs now are very eerie. Nest & Rok give us production here that everyone floats over. Good job Chibu.

Cosign: Young Stoner Life | Curated by Future Modern

The mornings get colder and the breakfast’s get warmer around this time of the year. This song feels like warm oatmeal on a day where your breath is easily visible. The instrumentation is calming and energetic as the lyrics just sort of flow along. Butcher Brown’s entire project is all very much in this vein and feels like autumn in the most dynamic and appropriate way. Enjoy your weekend!

Cosign: Butcher Brown | Curated by SingNasty

September 22nd, 2022

Dave is a ball of confusion with eyeballs and heavy bass. You know what you are getting with Black Dave’s music but the consistency of it is not why you are there. There is a certain look that you give Dave’s music when it comes on and most of the time it’s a “WTF is goin on right now” look, but then the bassline kicks in and all those feelings of “How did I get here?!?” tend to go away. There is an unapologetic rush of nuance and specificity to this particular song that will instantly grab those who know. Being hyper specific on the type of people you want to attract starts with creating stuff like this. The masses will gravitate to Dave when the stuff that he’s talking about becomes mainstream more and more. You can take all the web3 music talk and set it to the side for a moment while we talk about the music. Dave is making a sound that is authentically him and for that we love it.

Cosign: Black Dave | Curated by Black Dave | Mint

Carter Brown is to R&B as a basketball is to a basketball court. You can have the court and it’s all well and fine but without the ball it makes no sense. This particular song made it to Secret Radio in under a day and rightfully so. There is a level of consistency that this guy brings to the genre that has been seen before by very popular artists but I like the risks he’s been taking as of late. If you look at the artwork its a little off kilter, it’s not your normal stuff and those risks are what makes him stand out. Carter’s sound is also something that translates over to the live stage very well. If you needed a new R&B singer to root for, welcome to Carter Brown island, we own property on a couple streets here.

Cosign: Carter Brown | Curated by Carter Brown

Anyone here remember Betty White in Lake Placid? You know that scene where she’s leading a bovine to the lake to feed this massive alligator? So leading up to that scene you just see this old lady getting this cow ready for its impending doom. I picture this particular song in the cows head while being prepared to become a delicacy. Completely oblivious and carefree to any other problems and obstacles in the world. Just skillfully floating throughout the landscape like a plastic bag this song fills that special part in a playlist between songs so eloquently. Ready to be gobbled down like said cow, Enjoy your day. I love you.

Cosign: Lomeli | Curated by Ghostflow

Amindi and Kenny Mason’s chemistry is sitcom level of compatibility. Kenny’s already quite melodic so any singer that he’s next to is going to elevate his vocals instantly. I love the laid back nature of this song. This is easy breezy hammock cloud music with a dash of “don’t fucking talk to me right now” seasoning tucked into it so effortlessly. This song feels like those seasons right before it gets blisteringly hot or intensely cold. With hoodie season approaching your face with the quickness put this on and tighten those drawstrings up.

Cosign: Amindi | Curated by: MakintsMind

You can’t define luxury without Larry. Larry June is easily one of the best rappers talking that talk that you will find right now. Easily floating over just about anything placed in front of him is a rapper who knows himself and knows exactly what to do. Any rapper that promotes an organic healthy glow up is more than okay with me. Larry goes in on nearly everything he touches and this feels like another consistent move.

Cosign: Larry June | Curated by: 0x2dD3

This is your weekend happy place. This is perfect for putting the windows up in the house or putting the windows down in the car. No matter how your day was going just hit play and allow Juls to take control of it. I’m on a hammock under a tree staring upwards at the branches swaying back and forth to this song and nothing else truly matters. Enjoy your weekend folks.

Cosign: Juls | Curated by Athena Yasaman

Valee’s voice is comfortable elegance. If you wanna see what ahead of the curve looks like go ahead and hit play on this song from 4 years ago that has a music video directed by the now very famous Hebru Brantley. When future modern dropped this in there was a slight glimmer of hope that this would get voted into the playlist and it damn sure did and for good reason. Ride out on some smooth two inch pavement to this one and understand that any potholes you come across you’ll probably float over.

Cosign: Valee | Curated by Future Modern

Assembling an engine takes care and precision so that when you turn the key it does exactly what you’d expect. The team at Van Buren Records assembled this song bar for bar so hitting the ignition is smooth. This song is a series of explosions that keep you traveling down the road with ease. The effortless cool of this song feels like riding in a 64’ Lincoln Continental with the top down the shades up. The voices on this beat never really settle into the seats. The guys never quite settle into this car, their voices ghostride the whip all the way till the end. Each verse has the delicacy of a Kehinde Wiley portrait but the potency of Stihl Chainsaw. With Luke Bar$, Meech Bold, Jiles, and Felix all stepping out on this road trip we are excited to see what else follows.

Cosign: VB | Curated by hallway

This song is a blue-ringed octopus. Majestically floating along you don’t think too much about this blue hued creature but this bad boy has enough toxins to take out 26 people. Imagine the whole Wu-Tang clan getting snuffed out by an octopus? Wild right, could happen though, RZA thinks that a company retreat style getaway would be good for the Dojo morale. He books a trip to the South Pacific, they all go snorkling and then wham this song comes out of nowhere and takes out the full chorus of the M.E.T.H.O.D. man song. Wilder things have happened to lesser known people, I’m just saying. Either way, this song creeps up on you in a way that is unsuspecting and potent all in one motion. Enjoy your Sunday!

Cosign: Beam | Curated by DiscoveringES

I’ve owned property on Glassface Island for a number of years now. The summer season is normally chocked full of tourists looking for a good time. Unbeknownst to many the Year Round Glassface Island Experience is something that you have to get hands on with. Around the island is a coral reef constructed of calcified hater tears and dead music video treatments. The Winter Time brings the incredible flocks of Beanie Seagulls along with schools of the very rare Tobi Lou Porpoise. If you are up for a good hike you should hit the Impermanent Mountain Range and climb Mt. Gowens. It’s often said that many have jumped off the Guthrie Cliffs and found gems at the bottom of the lagoon below. I have this seashell that I found near the Sour Ave Beach, I recorded the noise coming from said shell, that sound is below. Have a good weekend!

Cosign: Glassface | Curated by Trish | Buy Now @ Zora

This song could soundtrack a scene in a romcom with ease. You know those scenes where the two people who fall in love are fighting? Yep, that scene. Jungle’s 2-Pack fell onto our Secret Radio and has become one of the best parts of the week so far. These songs are good fucking time. This is like finding money in a winter coat that has been in the back of the closet for a full year. You should end your summer the right way and hit play.

Cosign: Jungle | Curated by: DiscoveringES

Los Angeles’ rap community is healthy. Jayson Cash is rising through the ranks with a solid foundation around him driving his value up. His Read The Room album is an elegant portrait of comprehension and understanding. Subtle bops like this very song anchor his album and add layers of appreciated nuance. This particular song is one of the strongest on the project. Top Down provides that signature DJ Mustard bounce and pace. You don't know authenticity until its staring you in the face and this song is staring down your playlist.

Socials: Twitter | IG

Cosign: Jayson Cash | Curated by SirJWheeler

This song is a candle. You light it during times of darkness to provide some hope. When the electric goes out you spark up something and watch it provide. When something doesn’t smell quite right you use it create another fragrance. The ability for this song to change the trajectory of your day is as easy as hitting play. If you need one artist to light your otherwise dreary playlist, start here. The combination of Ansah Live, BiQo, Seyyoh, Tano Jackson, Øbed, Joey Turks, Anthony and Oliver are potent and abundant to say the least, get on this now.

Cosign: SuperJazzClub | Curated by AthenaYasaman

The world’s earliest kingdoms developed thousands of years ago when leaders began conquering and controlling cities and settlements. Rulers of early kingdoms provided protection to their residents, or subjects. The Kingdom of Bakar had their own written language that was complicated and beautiful all in one motion. Every so often the ruler of the same name would grace other kingdoms with an audible olive branch, this is the most recent documentation of that song.

Cosign: Bakar | Curated By sirJWheeler

Their is an underrated elegance of a queen stepping from her throne to touch the people she most admires. Little Simz exudes the confidence of someone in touch with her surroundings. This song is rightful nestled in our Secret Radio between Bakar and JID. The combination of those two artists feels exactly like this record and its a potent piece of work. Obongjayar is an asset to say the least, his vocals sit in a treasure chest only accessible by the Queen. Simz isn't worth one listens, she's worth many. Keep going.

Cosign: Little Simz | Curated by discoveringES

We are now able to invest in musicians in real tangible ways. Every Monday we showcase 5 musicians who are rising through the ranks at Phlote.xyz. This is an in-depth look at the future of music before it becomes the future.

When it comes to making great music authenticity rules over everything. Every year a handful of musicians turn the corner and take that leap that puts them squarely in the eyes of the general public.

8.14.22 (Kaelin Ellis, JID, Joony, Fana Hues, Civ Pierre)

8.22.22 (Jean Dawson, Young Nudy, Reggie Volume, Glassface, ForteBowie)

I ghostrided the chopped up Maybach from the Otis Music video while British race car driver Lewis Hamilton was driving it 180 mph. My body was covered in a full kevlar outfit complete with an Orioles Jersey and baseball cleats designed by Spike Jonz. The shoes were custom Shoe Surgeon 4’s made entirely of copper. Sparks flew off my heels as we dipped around the Audobon in style. I didn’t do any of this but when I think about this song this is exactly what it feels like. Enjoy your weekend folks.

Cosign: JID | Curated by hallway

Malz’ “Seet Deh” feels like a scene from a Godfather movie where you are just about to get the explanation on why you fucked up. Then subsequently afterwards you are going to take a ride with two gentleman that are very suavely dressed and properly equipped to dispose of your body. The sounds of this record are as appropriately menacing as one would expect and yet there is a layer of wisdom between these bars that is worth the listen.

Cosign: Malz Monday | Curated by lifeofclaude

Ben swings into action with this song off of his 2021 Freelance album. This song is a celebration of getting through to the other side with no loose ends left. This song skips into the playlist letting go of everything that might hold it back. If you are waking up on this glorious weekend and feeling stuck, try letting some things go. In the most compact way, Ben’s flow is the hammock between two songs. This song feels like an annotation to a hardship in your life. When you are not feeling quite up to something but it has to get done. These are the trying times that Ben will get you through. You finally have permission to let go.

Cosign Ben Reilly | Curated by AlreadyMane

Invisible to most people the evolution of a butterfly is a violent undertaking that transforms a completely perfect caterpillar into something a little more beautiful. Jean Dawson’s evolution from 2017 has been incredible. He crawled up the side of our playlists and wrapped himself up into a chrysalis made of hater tears and abdominal sweat. On the other side of this evolution is an artist that is ready to fly off into the hearts and minds of every angry teenager on this side of the universe. Sitting somewhere between Nirvana and Nipsey Hussle is an artist waiting for you to notice him but don’t wait too long because we can see the wings being created before our eyes.

Curated by: Hallway | Cosign: Jean Dawson

Making it through the week should be a celebration every Friday. You work too hard all week to not go out at the end of the week with a bang. Working with Zora’s tools we’ve brought 3 new drops to the blockchain that we are excited to talk about. If you are getting ready to go out pre-game with us. Enjoy your Friday.

ForteBowie’s “GMFU”

August 24th, 2022

Van Buren Records is gearing up for an album of the year. A cornerstone for VB is Saint Lyor. I’d own property on Van Buren Island and build a house on Saint Lyor Avenue at this point. I saw Lyor open up for some folks at the Fillmore in Silver Spring, Maryland, and he’s got this innate stage presence that feels like with more shows he’s going to be a very solid part of the next decade. Groups in Hip-Hop tend to lean on each other because separately they can’t carry the mantle. Yet with Van Buren, there feels like a healthy competition between brothers is keeping each artist incredibly sharp. Lyor is a standout in this generation of rappers, and the next.

Curated by: Ghostflow | Cosign: Saint Lyor

August 22nd, 2022

Artists need help. Whether it’s the relationship between Lil Wayne and Drake or the less talked about the relationship between director Anthony Mandler and Tyler, The Creator everyone needs somebody. You now have the ability to give artists money and receive something in return that will appreciate in value as that artist gets bigger. We love investing in great creators and every Sunday I’ll give you 5 new artists that are rising in through our submissions on Phlote.xyz

Jean Dawson

With Jean's song above running up the numbers on DSP's this is a no-brainer. His 3rd album CHAOS NOW is coming October 7th and a headlining tour is following with all of North America getting a taste of the beautiful noise that he's serving up. If you want in, now is the time.

Athena Yasaman history of curating music is showing up in the numbers. With 15 out of 21 submissions have a co-sign Athena is sitting at a 70% hit rate. Her taste is wildly eclectic with many artists in her profile just starting out. With acts as upstart as SuperJazzClub to more established artists like Juls, the range is evident.

Phlote: In true Nardwaur fashion, Who are you?

Athena Yasaman - I’m Athena, Iranian-Cypriot-American human, extroverted introvert, friend of all cats, avid gardener, bus u-turn critic, pressure washing enthusiast, dormant violinist/producer… but most people just know me for being an artist advocate, music curator and head of music discovery at Catalog.

This song feels like a lumberjack slowly methodically removing the center of tree and watching it fall to the ground. Every bar is Tre with a STIHL MS 250 Wood Boss chainsaw removing rings from a decade-old ash tree. Each moment slowly making sure his team is clear of the fall, Tre’s words in this song feel like he’s making strides toward getting that house built. It’s easy to buy things prefabricated and have someone stitch them together. However, a solid foundation and construction seem to be what Tre is after and this song feels like the tree that is going to a floorboard in said house. Wipe your feet when you step into his house.

Co-sign: Tre’ Amani

Curated by SingNasty

This is you on a fixed-gear bike going downhill adjacent to the Pacific Ocean while the waves feel in sync with your motions. Birds fly past your peripheral making random phrases that feel like a language. The breeze holds you in a pocket of happiness as anything that feels like a distraction bounces off. You are fulfilled and taking your time with the abundance that nature is providing thanks to the absolute manifestation of greatness from this song from Raury. Enjoy it.

Co-sign: Raury

Joony’s Anytime is a fog of words and liquid that mixes into steam like a sauna on your playlist. Racing down the window is the condensation from this track as it permeates the air and feels like it wants to fall to the floor instead of escaping through open creases like normal air. I love how this song sits and kind of waits for you with a level of familiarity normally reserved for the aroma of your mother’s home cooking. The video and song feel easy and settled like putting lavender in a defuser before hitting the bed. If you're having a rough day, sit back, take a deep breath, try to relax, and let this song take you away.

Jean Dawson’s video feels like the space between AMTRAK trains passing each other going in opposite directions. There is this tight loud almost airless space that feels frantic and unapologetically unforgiving. Almost like if you are caught here it might feel as though shit is about to end for you. In these tight spaces where friction and air are abundant special things probably could happen if you could harness them. Jean harnesses every bit of energy and enthusiasm into a music video that pairs with the song seamlessly. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing stop and watch this trainwreck happen before your eyes.

Auguste Rodin’s La Porte de l’Enfer or “The Gates of Hell” took 37 years to complete. It was considered finished only once Rodin died in 1917. The Great Pyramid is believed to have taken twenty years or more. Many of the Gothic Cathedrals took centuries to complete. The Statue of Liberty took over 12 years from raising money to its completion in 1886. ANKHLEJOHN took 15 minutes and 42 seconds to construct a well-thought-out piece of art and efficiently drive home that he will rap your fucking face off.

Curated by SingNasty / Cosign: ANKHLEJOHN

Civ flew down from his island faraway and took all the misfit sounds from our world back only to return with this. This track is a playground of sonics that has a child-like excitement to it. Bouncing from verse to verse Civ doesn’t take his time as he hopscotches through this thing so crazy. Escaping to this uptempo getaway is as easy as pressing play, you to can do this.

Co-Sign: Civ Pierre

For Fans of: Buddy, Doechii, PawPaw Rod, Amine

This week, we sat down with Es Famojure to learn more about one of the top curators on Team Phlote. Check her out in our first video pod! A deeper analysis of the music Es has curated on Phlote provides an early indication of who she is musically, by the numbers.

The music that Es is bringing is very telling of her background. With Atlanta in the rearview, we see submissions like ForteBowie and Killer Mike. Now living in New York, Es' playlist has a very rap-centric feel - see her Coast Contra pick on the index.

Aundrey Guillaume’s “Energy” EP enters the ring with the crowd adjusting their seats the whole time trying to figure out what’s about to happen. The initial song “Combo” is a no-nonsense round where Aundrey bobs and weaves back and forth, dodging the bassline, and catching up to the pace with ease. Followed by two rounds of unbridled flurries of lyrics turning your left and right. As you fight to figure out how to understand what’s happening the crowd is now nodding their heads. It’s easy to forget where you are as the melodies kick in and suddenly “Hidden Hills” and “Refund” are here. These last two are the hush over the crowd as you are dragged out on a stretcher. Silence is slowly followed by a roar for the new champion of your playlist. Aundrey Guillaume.

Cosign: Aundrey Guillaume - Energy (Curated by Hallway)

For Fans: Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, Westside Boogie, A$AP Rocky

Co-signing Drake after half the world is dancing to his music isn't as valuable as cosigning him while he was wearing a peacoat on a mixtape cover. So let's dig into some sleeper picks that we're seeing on the index today.

Kaelin Ellis

His “Swing It” song was curated back on April 19th. SingNasty and Trish saw the vision and jumped on it quick. Kaelin's live shows are very good. His constant experimentation is documented and shipped out to his 55k on IG, 35k on Twitter, and 28k on TikTok. He even has a Gumroad account where you can buy his sounds. His ubiquity puts him in the Top 5.

June 23rd, 2022

We DESERVE Open Source Music

Copyright law has constrained the music industry. Continuing to focus on rights management and their oversight is a costly vestige of outdated thinking that doesn’t align with the open and collaborative nature of the internet. It’s time to let go of the old model and build a new one.

Music is begging to be open sourced. Removing the legal hurdles to sampling, remix, reuse of work will unleash creativity by removing the stigma against “borrowing”. The gaming industry gets it and has used a more open source ethos to transform consumers to participants to the benefit of the industry. As we enter the phase of the internet where creators are at the center, why not encourage more creative participation around music as well.

To do that, we’ll have to get past the idea that music is untouchable. A cultural reset is required. Capitalizing on the opportunity will take admitting that no creative idea is 100% original, but exists along a continuum that builds on a myriad of references, influences, and experiences of the creator.

Three months ago, my journey into Web3 started with a DM that said, “Hello”. I was at Coca Cola, working to make ends meet, but I was miserable. I was that guy stocking shelves at your local grocery store. Although I was working to provide for my son, I was far from where I wanted to be.

I go by Hallway. For years, I blogged emerging music into mainstream consciousness before having to give it up to make a decent living. Now I’m at a place where I can make sure nobody ever has to turn away from curating to survive.

I was part of the team at illRoots.com, an institution for anyone familiar with the golden blog era of hip-hop that helped propel stars like Drake, Kendrick, J. Cole, amongst many others into the stratosphere. On a daily basis, I would dig through piles of music to find the kind of artists that make you want to take off your shoes, lean back a bit further in your chair, and feel the weight of their music on your soul. I remember the first time I heard a Cudi hum or the crisp air between a Dom Kennedy vocal.

January 29th, 2022

Phlote (pronounced "float") is a MUSIC CURATION PROTOCOL AND LABEL. We’ve built technology that allows us to scale our ability to identify, invest in, and amplify talented emerging artists alongside our network of independent labels, creator focused blockchain protocols, and early fans.

Our process for finding music relies on a passionate community of music lovers who select which songs we release using a process that’s open and transparent. We offer artists a straightforward deal structure that’s available to any artist and bypasses the power dynamics, politics, and barriers of the traditional music industry.

To unlock the power of the internet for artists, we’re formed to allow anyone with an internet connection and crypto wallet to help discover and invest in the next generation of stars. 

We love music and the artists who create it. Our mission is to provide a path to creative freedom for artists by helping them maximize the visibility and value of their work.

January 12th, 2022

We DESERVE Open Source Music

Copyright law has constrained the music industry. Continuing to focus on rights management and their oversight is a costly vestige of outdated thinking that doesn’t align with the open and collaborative nature of the internet. It’s time to let go of the old model and build a new one.

Music is begging to be open sourced. Removing the legal hurdles to sampling, remix, reuse of work will unleash creativity by removing the stigma against “borrowing”. The gaming industry gets it and has used a more open source ethos to transform consumers to participants to the benefit of the industry. As we enter the phase of the internet where creators are at the center, why not encourage more creative participation around music as well.

To do that, we’ll have to get past the idea that music is untouchable. A cultural reset is required. Capitalizing on the opportunity will take admitting that no creative idea is 100% original, but exists along a continuum that builds on a myriad of references, influences, and experiences of the creator.

Recording artist Rocky Snyda and photogRapper JAYPROB are a changing tide and it's only a matter of time before we are all swimming in the current of FUTRxLGND. Web3 technology offers an alternative route for musicians and their communities to float through the current chaos together in a more inclusive manner. Rocky and Jay are a celebration that exists IRL as much as digitally.  On 1/11/22, “Bronxlyn” will be christened  through Glass Protocol and released into the world with PartyBid at OS NYC. NYC rap is more exciting with these two buzzing around the city and bringing their collective crews together for a landmark event in one of the best gaming hubs in New York.

**“FUTRxLGND is a brand/collective an umbrella for the many things that we do in terms of visuals music art it was founded by Jay a few years ago and basically it’s a community of anyone who is creating art for a purpose who wants to further their community further themselves Most people we connect with technically are future legends” - Rocky Snyda

As told by Yuri Beats, Theodore Grams, and Noah Breakfast

When Noah told me about Bad Jawn I was largely indifferent to Web3 & NFTs as concepts. We had spent the winter scheming about vinyl production, cooking up ways to do 1/1 vinyl prints of illegal mashups from the blog house era. I was unhappy, working at the biggest record label in the world counting how many copies of “insert album here” (taylor’s version) shipped out of the warehouse every week. We wanted to start a label, we wanted to destroy all the labels, we were stuck inside and both trying to figure out what comes next.

Noah played me Bad Jawn and I flipped. The beat had a delicacy to it that his best work holds, something tender and childish but also robust and powerful. Ramalzee used to talk about giving art weapons so it can defend itself - I feel like Noah’s best work takes a tender idea from childhood but builds it out in a way that it can defend itself out in the world. When I heard the weird spaced out intro I knew that was where this one was headed - then Grams’ voice drops in and we’re in this smooth dreamy atmosphere. The flute and piano dropping in and out - it moves your attention across the track perfectly. It felt timeless and playful and just hit. 2020 was a bad fucking jawn man. It was perfect.

Grams said he wanted to drop an NFT with the track - I didn’t really understand but was down to learn. Noah told me his friend Dexter knew about NFTs so we set up a meeting. Looking back on that moment is kinda crazy. I have since quit the record label, went to work with Dexter at FWB and now Bad Jawn is being released into the world as an NFT. The tools of web3 are weapons our art can use to defend itself and we’re in a historical moment when the art needs all the help it can get.

TLDR: Phlote is a music discovery DAO. Our community has been built to find and onboard artists who make great music to Web3. We launched a baseline tokenomics package that distributes rewards to members for the quality of their curation.

The Who, What, and Why

The essence of any tokenomics program is to identify the actions of the community that will drive value for the DAO.  If designed correctly and attached to a token, token price will reflect the DAOs ability to deliver value to the broader community. Tokens become the measuring stick for community value, similar to how share price can work for a traditional company.

Phlote is a music venture DAO focused on the curation and spread of culture. Our tokenomics model is designed to encourage participation in the discovery of talented artists, the creation of digital assets, and community building by our members. 

December 6th, 2021

This is a baseline framework for how we help creators think about forming a Web3 business entity / DAO. This is an elemental framework to showcase steps to be taken. Submit any suggestions or feedback to @teamphlote.

PHLOTE x [OG Mattress]

Objective: Establish [OG Mattress] as a fully independent self-sovereign Web3 business / DAO.

A. Token minting/Team Allocation

The design and construction of sound skyscrapers involves creating safe, habitable spaces in very high buildings. The buildings must be masterfully engineered to support their weight, resist wind and earthquakes, and protect occupants from fire. Yet they must also be conveniently accessible, even on the upper floors, and provide utilities and a comfortable climate for the occupants. Jansport J is building a massive skyscraper that sits outside the city limits of the music industry.

Structurally sound steel molded from soulful music compositions weave through each level of his catalog making it withstand any and all outside forces that would try to topple such a landmark. As you travel from floor to floor you smell the aroma of Benny the Butcher cooking. You see the paintings of the famed artist Nas hung throughout the hallways. You walk through Dom Kennedy’s garage marveling at rows of classic cars meticulously crafted by Jansport. Hit-Boy has a full level covered in lavish tapestries that Jansport helped sew.

Jansport J is building up, adding a 4 story penthouse for himself in the clouds, with blueprints designed by Team Phlote.

Sport’s production is a modern continuation of legends such as Pete Rock and J Dilla.  Growing up in Covina, California, 40 mins inland from Los Angeles, Jansport was inspired by the kings of the ‘90s. Since then, Sport has amassed an impressive resume of credits including Freddie Gibbs, Dom Kennedy, Hit-Boy, Benny the Butcher, Ty Dolla Sign, and Quentin Miller.

Dear Artist, 

Our mission is to “phlote” the dopest artists into Web3 and help them lead a new generation into the future. Below are some updated thoughts on how to approach the opportunity. 

In general, Web3 presents a new model for creatives who have vision AND work as a part of a larger collaborative team or community like Phlote.

Web3 offers new plug-and-play financial tools like NFTs and social tokens that, if used properly, allow you to become financially + creatively self-sovereign. There's no need to rely on a label or any other non-value-add intermediaries because you're able to monetize the value you create directly with your fans/collectors. You become the platform. 

November 25th, 2021

Dear Creators,

Now’s the time to collaborate with creators you admire. Collabs in the form of visual art, music, product, code, fashion, and other forms of virtual or live experiences.

Artist led DAOs can be formed to align the squad.

Who’s on the team? Specialists who possess the skills to make the things you want to make. For recording artists, the team may include producers, musicians, songwriters, a videographer, content creators, and business + technical partnership from Team Phlote. 🤝

Step into what you think is your playlist, walk around for a bit and take a seat in the most comfortable song you can think of. Now as you sit back, take a look around at this room.

Is your ottoman just another Lil Wayne deep cut or is it THEE stand out Lil Wayne deep cut? Are those Rick Ross curtain rods letting that 95 inch Maybach Music drape all over your freshly Spotified floor?

How does this room shape up as you survey it?

September 25th, 2021

Let’s have some fun with it. 🤝

The music industry is opaque by design. We’re interested to see what happens when transparency enters the system and ultimately becomes the norm.

What happens when a music business is optimized for the internet and built on a business model that's open, fair, globally scalable, and highly profitable?

September 16th, 2021

Phlote is a discovery community built by and for curators. Our mission is to find amazing artists, “Phlote” them into web3, and help accelerate their path to financial independence using web3 financial infrastructure. If you support our mission, consider collecting any of the tokens here or across Web3 marketplaces.

We’re excited to be at the forefront of a cultural shift and look forward to you joining us on this journey.

Mirror is where some of the leading thought leaders are gathering to share ideas and experiment with emergent blockchain technology. We’re glad to be members of the Mirror community and plan to this these tools to document our way to building Phlote into something we’re proud of.

Let’s do it together. 🤝