Music Enters the Ownership Era

In a world where music's value has long been extracted by platforms to the detriment of creators, a new era is dawning—one where artists seize control of the value they create. Welcome to the ownership era of music.

Phlote is a place where visionary musicians, producers, and technologists are uniting to create a system that fosters collaboration, elevates great work, and introduces user ownership to a music platform for the very first time.

Within Phlote's vibrant community, demos are shared freely, and members endlessly riff off one another, contributing to an ever-expanding body of work that is owned by the community.

Phlote embodies the idea that music connects, collaboration is a competitive advantage, and fair systems win. To break free from corporate dominance in music, we've built a system that enables the true drivers of culture to capture the value they create.

Join us in pushing music towards a new frontier. Apply to Phlote today.

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