Aundrey Guillaume's ".dungeon"

I walked into a smoke filled room with the words “free” dancing throughout the air. The sounds touched my soul as I walked up another set of stairs into the A studio. Aundrey was working alongside the legendary Anthony Kilhoffer.

I felt a sense of urgency take control of my body as the lyrics and the music bounced off the foam covered walls. The smoke from the previous room creeped in as I sat down and looked around. Like synchronized swimmers, heads bobbed to the pulsating beat. The song felt gritty and rough. I found a seat next to the swimmers. As I looked around, work was happening in unison. Aundrey was mouthing the words that came from the speakers.

I leaned my head back and relaxed. The subtle breaks in the song came before forceful thumps that I could feel in my neck. Looking back down from the ceiling I could see in Aundrey's eyes that he found a new sound.

Everyone in the studio remembers that day like it was yesterday. I left early but walking back down those smokey steps the thump of the walls still stuck fresh in my mind. Leaving that day I knew this sound would create something new for the world.

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