Gucci Mane: Atlanta's Best Curator

"So Icy Boyz: The Finale", Gucci Mane's latest release, is a massive four-disc compilation produced by Zaytoven that features 80 tracks. At over three hours in length, it might be the first long form album in recent history.

Gucci Mane has established himself as a successful artist and curator. Beginning his rap career in the 2000s, he quickly gained recognition for his unique style and lyrics. Later, he shaped the careers of many of today successful rappers in Atlanta, by putting them on his mixtapes, EPs, albums, and playlists.

As a celebration of his curatorial greatness, we have chronicled some of Gucci’s best co-signs.

Waka Flocka

It is well-known that Waka Flocka and Gucci Mane were close collaborators during the late 2000s. Waka Flocka's mother, Debra Antley, was Gucci Mane's former manager. This led to Gucci taking Waka under his wing and signing him to his record label, 1017 Brick Squad.

OJ Da Juiceman

OJ Da Juiceman has been friends with Gucci Mane for over 30 years.  It was Gucci who introduced him to the world of rap music. In 2009, OJ released his debut album, "The Otha Side of the Trap", under So Icy Entertainment. In 2014, he released his follow-up album, "The Otis Williams Jr. Story", under 1017 Records.

Young Thug

Before Young Thug founded his own record label, Young Stoner Life, he was signed to 1017 Records by Gucci Mane in 2013. During his time at 1017, Thug and Gucci collaborated on a joint mixtape titled "Young Thugga Mane La Flare" before Thug released the critically acclaimed "1017 Thug". Their collaboration helped to establish Young Thug's unique style which gained him wide recognition in the rap industry.


Gucci Mane was one of the first mainstream rappers to cosign Migos, featuring on their 2013 mixtape "Y.R.N" and creating "The Green Album" with them in 2014. This album was part of Gucci Mane's "World War 3D" trilogy, which he released while serving time in prison. Gucci was ahead of his time in recognizing the Migos' talent and helping to launch their careers.


Zaytovan is a Grammy-winning producer who was once signed to 1017 Records. Gucci Mane was impressed by his beats and made Zaytovan his go-to producer, resulting in a string of hits, including their 2005 hit "Icy" featuring Young Jeezy and Boo. The two have an undeniable chemistry and synergy.

Peewee Longway

Peewee Longway was the last rapper signed to 1017 Records before Gucci Mane's imprisonment in 2014 and proved to be one of Gucci Mane's most successful protégés. In addition to featuring on the "World War 3D" album, Peewee formed a supergroup with Young Dolph and Felix Brothers. Although he may not be as well-known as some of his contemporaries, he is highly respected among dedicated rap fans.

Chief Keef

Chief Keef was already a popular rapper before he met Gucci Mane, with his hit song "I Don't Like" gaining widespread recognition in 2012. After being dropped from Interscope in 2014, Gucci Mane helped to launch Keef's producing career by having him produce 16 out of 20 tracks on their joint album "Big Gucci Sosa".

Asian Doll

Asian Doll gained popularity on social media and SoundCloud for her freestyle raps over popular beats, but she struggled to gain mainstream recognition. In 2018, she was signed by Gucci Mane, who helped introduce her to a wider audience. Gucci Mane's support was instrumental in helping her to break into the mainstream.

Pooh Shiesty

Gucci Mane latest protégé Pooh Shiesty has been gaining popularity with his laid-back style that resembles his mentor's. The 21-year-old Tennessee rapper’s success is further evidence that Gucci ear for talent is elite.

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