Phlote Business Day

We DESERVE Open Source Music

Copyright law has constrained the music industry. Continuing to focus on rights management and their oversight is a costly vestige of outdated thinking that doesn’t align with the open and collaborative nature of the internet. It’s time to let go of the old model and build a new one.

Music is begging to be open sourced. Removing the legal hurdles to sampling, remix, reuse of work will unleash creativity by removing the stigma against “borrowing”. The gaming industry gets it and has used a more open source ethos to transform consumers to participants to the benefit of the industry. As we enter the phase of the internet where creators are at the center, why not encourage more creative participation around music as well.

To do that, we’ll have to get past the idea that music is untouchable. A cultural reset is required. Capitalizing on the opportunity will take admitting that no creative idea is 100% original, but exists along a continuum that builds on a myriad of references, influences, and experiences of the creator.

The music industry may never be willing to accept this or cede control over the protections that power their business. Could this be where Web3 steps up?

If we’re here to use blockchain to build new infrastructure to facilitate massive global collaboration, music feels like the perfect use case.


It would be cool to see open source become hallmark the next phase of internet culture. Blockchain technology allows a rich web of content to create experiences that can be captured around an original work. Imagine a world where all remixes, comments, fan art, and user-generated content are linked to show the true cultural value of a song. This is the open, inclusive, bottoms up web that we want to see.

The crowd matters and can now contribute to the art more publicly.

Our aim is to increase the pace of innovation and use music to showcase what’s possible by creating a user generated ecosystem for music to forge a new culture of openness and sharing. We support anyone building towards the same future and invite partners on the same mission to join us.

#001 Genesis Tokens for our founding partners.


  1. Generative art marketplace
  2. Curated drop marketplace
  3. Mixtape marketplace - record store feel w/editorial
  4. Distributed Bandcamp w/ bespoke artists marketplaces


Guests: Michael Norman, Dee Goens


Everything is moving towards Open Source.

Open Source Work, Open Source Music, everything will be open to be reused, remixed…I believe. DAOs are open source projects with a token. The largest companies being built in Web3 rn will have characteristics that are gleaned from decades of open source development.

We’ve been headed this direction, but now have a framework to follow. The open source movement has been around for 40 years. Lots of examples on how to build product with community.

Other insights: Interest circle are about to dominate social circles. Social media for interests.


Phlote is a community-owned and operated music discovery platform. The value of Phlote is the sum total of our community contributions. Our ability to curate talented artists into Web3 is reflected in the value of our unique social token, $PV1, which gives every member of Team Phlote an economic stake in its growth.

To facilitate the growth of our community, we've built a music TCR as a merit based community onboarding tool. created an open submission process that allows any music fan with an internet connection and a crypto wallet to earn $PV1 tokens for curating music on

We're opening the door for people with a keen eye for talent to distinguish themselves as leading curatorial voices in Web3.

How do people get these tokens?

Each day, our community members scan the music submissions on and co-sign the songs they like. Curators who receive co-signs, earn $PV1 tokens and earn the right to have a profile on to start building their track record.

This effort ensures Team Phlote controls how the community grows and helps guarantee that our path towards a truly community-owned platform - where curators are the owners and operators of the network - is in line with the open, transparent, and permission-less ethos of blockchain technology.

How does it work?

  1. $PV1 isn’t available for purchase and can only be earned through submission at
  2. $PV1 will be distributed to anyone who submits music at and receives co-signs from current members of the community.
  3. Curators earn 15 $PV1 for each co-sign received.
  4. Curators earn higher status within the community as they earn more $PV1 tokens. 1 co-sign earns the right to have a unique profile on Phlote. Curators who earn 20 co-signs (300 $PV1) earn the right to become co-signers.
  5. The game will last until the total supply of 1,000,000 $PV1 tokens has been fully distributed to members of the community.

The Goal?

  1. To surface up-and-coming voices at the cross section of music and technology.
  2. To introduce the world's most talented, independent artists to the blockchain.
  3. To build Team Phlote into an elite community of artists and curators who will create the world's leading music discovery platform.


Our #1 Priority: A custom auction house that sells NFT editions at Vickrey Auction. All NFT editions are sold in rounds with preference given to DAO contributors. Phlote to test auction mechanics with NFT sale that decentralizes marketplace on Day 1.


The full potential for Web3 are products that are 100% built, operated, and owned by the community around them. Platforms that are open for anyone to join, have a clear mission, and a value orientation. These platforms will be structured as user owned companies or DAOs.

In the music industry, many artists must fight to be heard. Music discovery is not designed to showcase the many talented vocalists, musicians, producers, songwriters who exist in the world, but should.

We propose a system that centers artists, curators, and collectors as the backbone of the music industry. One that incentivizes the discovery of new music, makes it easily sharable, and help artists to identify their core fans. This alternative path that allows great music to be heard and doesn’t require artists to sign away their creative rights or ownership to labels.

The opportunity allows a new set of internet users to participate. Now anyone with an internet connection and a crypto wallet can earn tokens for phloting great music to Web3.


Some believe that music discovery is alive and well in the hands of streaming platforms like Spotify.  We disagree.

  1. Today music discovery is not happening for independent artists on streaming platforms. Sixty thousand songs are uploaded daily. Only major label supported artists get seen. The system is broken.
  2. Algorithms are an inferior way to spur word of mouth spread for indie artists. Human recommendations reign supreme in music discovery.
  3. The True Fans looking to find new music are coming to Web3 for the ability to discover new artists and buy in early via NFTs. Adding crypto may prove difficult for incumbent music platforms to implement.
  4. Users will begin to migrate to platforms that they help build, use, and co-own as a community. Spotify is not likely to revolutionize a business model that has been profitable for the executive team and shareholders.

Phlote is designed to solve these issues for artists, curators, and True Fans.


The Future of Online Curation

Few people are just browsing the internet. Most are actively searching for things. Every day, Google processes 5.6 billion searches for 5 billion global internet users. The search results we see first are those that are ad supported, relegating the best information “below the fold”. In this scenario, Google and its advertisers win, while users are underserved by search 5.6 billion times per day. Sadly, we’ve grown accustomed to this just being the way it is.

The number of daily internet searches shows that the internet is an active space for discovery. We’re all looking to discover new ideas, new technology, new art, new music. So why would we tolerate an internet that makes it more difficult to find the best ideas and best information? We shouldn’t.

One reason why online communities became popular is because they allowed people to meet others like themselves and learn from one another. From blogs to chat rooms to threads, communities have always been where curated conversations have taken place, serving as the best source of information.

Outside of online forums, internet curation is present, but not widely recognized for the value it brings to our online experience. Internet tastemakers are the source of cool internet shit and important instigators of ideas spreading by word of mouth. Depending on how close you are to the source determines how early you are to emerging internet culture, and culture in general.  That said, the value generated by curators is not matched by the compensation they receive for their time. Using music as the example, a large community of internet curators spend hours digging for new music only to receive benefits that are mostly intrinsic and derive from one's ability to say they found it first. What’s needed is a way for this work to be compensated commensurate with the value generated for creators and consumers.

With blockchain technology, this is now possible.


  • Metrics
    • #submissions
    • #cosigns received/given
    • volume of phlote tokens moved
    • submissions/sale
    • commissions
    • reviews/listen
    • submitter reviews/comments
    • Value of NFTs sold
    • OBP - on blockchain percentage
    • Genesis Mints
  • Purchased


  • Producer Battle Final - Southpaw Suede vs. Asha
  • Crypto ABC’s (Odenz)
  • Phlote x Zora deck (AJW)


  • Chapter One application in (AJW)
  • Phlote x VB deck (AJW, Odenz)


  • White Paper
  • Tokenomics drafted
  • To Do
    • FAQ from Producer Questions
    • Zora x Phlote Deck
      • Open Marketplace w/ transparent submissions beneath
    • Guests: Yuri Rybak
      • Isla
      • Gallery
      • Prism Multisig Wallet
    • Airdrop original PV earners + Partner token holders on Polygon


  • HyperEdge Capital
    • Sandeep and Kenzi Co-GPs
    • 8 months since inception
    • 15 million - founder friendly + services
    • 16 deals so far.
      • Mostly Play-to-earn w/ some infrastructure
    • All the above on investment structure (tokens, equity, safe + warrants)
    • $200k size minimum


  • White Paper
    • Jesse
    • Roham
    • Brandon
    • Cuy
  • Lens Protocol - KristinaFA
  • FAQ from Producer Questions
  • Guests: Ishan (Polygon Studios)


  • Web3 business in two goals: Deliver value to token holders and sell NFTs
  • CMT Digital
    • Prop trading
    • Invest in digital assets traditionally - tokens/coins.
    • Seed stage venture in est. 2018
    • Focus on onboarding next generation to digital asset space
    • 2019 Dapper investor - convertible note
    • $130 mm fund
    • Standard structure - safe with token warrents, token purchases
    • $250k - $1.52 million investment size
    • 75% invested in Fund 2
    • $80 mm Fund 2A raised
    • High net worth and Family Office investors
  • Phlote Internet Music Company (PIMCO)
  • Narrative:
    • Get paid to curate w/ Phlote!
    • Curator Communication
  • Artist Tokenomics Model (Display Menu)
    • Artist Name
    • Fan Share (revenues)
    • Treasury Amount
    • Token Value
    • Liquidity on/off
  • Create Phlote Live Show Case Study Deck for:
    • Human Resources
    • Complex
  • Live Phlote Show
    • Artists email goes out - Sell your music on the blockchain
  • We're building a submission process to vet assets that will then be sold our marketplace.
  • Beat Brackets
  • Curation Protocol to-do’s
    • Integrate tokenomics onto the site
    • Co-sign counts
    • Wallet Connect
      • Rainbow wallet preffered
    • Only curators can see full index.
    • Others can only any asset that's been cosigned.
  • NFT backed tokens
    • Collector receives coins with NFT (1 Eth : 1000 coins)
    • Buyers receive tokens in proportion to PHLOTE’s curation share.
    • Curators receive coins for curation (co-signs).
    • Phlote receives [3%] royalty on secondary sales.
  • Funding:
  • Could sell profiles on
    • profiles allow collection, sharing (linktree), archiving, showcasing of NFTs, monetization (future)
    • Get curator cards
    • Early access to submissions
    • Comments
  • Anyone who earned tokens from on xDai receives Polygon tokens.
    • Unclaimed tokens redistributed to fund other curators.
    • Claim/donate option in typeform?
  • Ways to create money with curation.
    • Help artists mint NFTs - get cut of sale proceeds.
    • Help artists mint NFTs - get artist coins
    • Help artists mint NFTs - get royalty
  • Two ways to collect PV1
    • Submit and get co-signed
    • Purchase Phlote NFTs
  • Two ways to redeem:
    • Redeem PV1 to Collects NFTs (music NFTs)
    • Redeem PV1 for cash during round (fully diluted price)
    • Redeem PV1 for cash at the end of the round (at current FMV)
  • Narrative:
    • Get paid to curate w/ Phlote!


  • How to submit to Phlote Article
    • Make sure the first 45-60 second listening experience is amazing.
  • We're in a race to get the best artists before they get signed.
  • First person to curate them onto the platform has pole position for if that artist
  • For NFT's sold
    • Curator gets 7.5%
    • Phlote gets 7.5%
      • 5% Royalty to first 5 co-signers
    • Artists gets 80%
  • Phlote Model
    • Phlote percentage of sale proceeds goes into Treasury on primary NFT sales.
    • To back tokens distributed to collectors for purchasing.
    • Tokens only go to initial buyer or all buyers?
  • Advance is what VB needs
  • Write The Blueprint III with Mily


  • New Token Model for Artists
    • Establish Marketplace (Artiva)
    • Sell NFTs
    • Distribute coins to buyers of NFTs at establish ratio (1 ETH : 1000 Coins)
    • A predermined % of NFT sale proceeds goes to artist’s treasury to back coins
    • Treasury proceeds used to deliver benefits to token holders
    • Self provided liquidity also available.
  • Show what we are doing for artists publicly to drive submissions.
  • Be more transparent on submissions + feedback (Twitter).
    • Not everyone can be a creator, but everyone can curate.
  • Phlote’s job is to the find the best music on the internet and bring it to Web3.
  • Submit at Get co-signed. Earn tokens.
  • Emerging artists get their journey told through transparent submission and feedback processes - comments make up our editorial.
  • Needed
    • This is the game.
    • This is how your play.
    • These are the rules
  • Once tokenomics loaded, our focus will shift to designing games that use the protocol to identify great artists.
  • Idea: “Curated Open Sea”
  • Submissions can be slowed down by raising the submission price.


  • SXSW Follow up
    • Doug from Chapter One
    • Rad to connect to JR MultiCoin
  • Send Deck to Cooper
  • Y Combinator App
    • Monetizing curation is the most lucrative opportunity available in Web3.
    • For the past two years, we've been building a composable curate-to-earn protocol that:
      • Decentralizes curation by enabling anyone to make money by curation music on the internet.
      • Adds transparency to submission process for curated content platforms
      • Allow curators to build a track record on chain
    • The cross section of tech x culture will undoubtedly center around music.
    • Our key insight is that the curator will be the key to unlocking the Web3 opportunity for Music. Decentralized curation allows music to emerge globally.
    • Global music industry revenues 2020 $60 billion should be far greater than Apple’s market cap $3 trillion. A open, transparent music industry could grow 60x and deliver value to a new group of participants.


  • Are user owned playlists the future of music discovery?
  • Find safe with token warrants (template)
  • Find Multicoin Cap TCR paper
  • Guest: Shayon (Multicoin Cap)


  • Profiles added to
  • Co-sign rewards drafted
  • Phlote Live Vote Winner @carissavision


  • allows anyone to earn money for curating music on the internet.
  • VB Plan
    • DIY Deal
    • Fractionalization of contract on chain - 5k pieces.
    • Start differentiating. As a collective.
    • Send Milley Crowdfund Example


  • Curators always attached to the submission, even for open submissions.
  • $10k/1 million PV1 tokens
    • Co-signs are reputation
    • 5 co-signs required to mint on Phlote minting platform
    • Minting on Eth and Polygon
  • Curators
    • Treasury Amount on the Website
    • How to add liquidity to the token at the end
      • Token gated liquidity pools
      • Need a way to provide liquidity for PV to membership
  • Start getting tokens out
  • Met Matt Springer


  • Ken
    • Focus on tokens + tokenomics
      • Sports media ent, games, financial services
      • AAA Token Flywheel
      • Tokens - network effects and coordination
        • Aggregation of resources
          • Resources that are undervalued, underutilized.
          • Token should solve a coordination issue
            • Are you transformation
            • what resources are gathered, when
          • Accelerated value creation
            • Cheaper faster to build
        • Aligned value distribution
      • Phlote from Ken’s perspective
        • discover early
        • invest
        • amplify
        • offchain + onchain tools to do just that
        • - help the community do what we're doing
      • Lex Sokolin - Consensys
      • Reach out to Cooper


  • What excites you about Phlote?
    • Hallway
      • The ability to establish a visible track record on-chain that’s undeniable
  • Odenz
    • The ability to propel fashion, music, art.
      • Investing - equity
      • Wants money where your mouth is to invest in your insight
      • Wants better value for the time it takes to dig for music.
      • Wants to see others who are curating at a high level.
      • God Mode - partnerships and strategic marketing
      • Reason for caring about discovery
    • Odenz - Artists development helpful
    • Hallway - Provide level of visibility for younger artists - create better IP for music discovery.
  • Who's our competition?
    • Transparent music discovery models
    • Enablers who help curators to serve artists
  • Curator Onboarding
    • Should be personal + direct
    • “Meet the Devs”


  • Get tokens out so that we can have a feedback call on Monday.
    • Be clear about site being used for testing atm. All entries will need to be redone.
    • The goal is to find and share the best music on the internet.
  • Phlote (v) definition
  • Rodolfo Notes
    • How do you monetize credibility?
    • NFTs get profile
    • Curate = Edit
      • Tool so you can undeniably prove that you're connected to culture.
      • Build your track record with us.
      • We'll provide the tooling.
      • You provide the taste.
    • Activist music investing
  • Guests: Carlyle, Phabo, Kei, Maxwell, R3ll


  • Gather Phlote Live Vote Show
  • Reading
    • Progressive Decentralization - Jesse Walden
      • Decentralized manner — that is, as a protocol owned and operated by a community of users.
      • What it takes to build a successful product at the outset — product leadership, rapid iteration, a managed go-to-market
      • But analysis of recent SEC commentary and enforcement actions suggests
        that true decentralization may enable a startup’s token to a non-security if the team is able to sufficiently eliminate dependency on the efforts of the founding team to create value.
      • Step 1 - Product Market Fit
        • Test Hypothesis and Update Assumptions Quickly
      • Step 2 - Community Participation
        • Run the product like an open source project:
        • Invest in good documentation; develop openly; offer bounties, grants or other incentives for third-party development
        • A pragmatic and familiar business model for crypto services is a fee-per-call, similar to an API micro-service like Twilio or Stripe. Distributing this fee stream to active contributors can align the community around the project’s success.
      • Step 3 - Decentralization
  • The Pmarca Guide to Startups
      • The three core elements of each startup - team, product, and market
      • The quality of a startup’s product can be defined as how impressive the product is to one customer or user who actually uses it: How easy is the product to use? How feature rich is it? How fast is it? How extensible is it? How polished is it? How many (or rather, how few) bugs does it have?
      • The market is most important
      • In a great market—a market with lots of real potential customers—the market pulls product out of the startup
      • The market needs to be fulfilled and the market will be fulfilled, by the first viable product that comes along.
      • The product doesn’t need to be great; it just has to basically work.
        And, the market doesn’t care how good the team is, as long as the team
        can produce that viable product.
      • Everyone can be a curator. The internet is the market.
      • Market size - all of music on the internet.
      • explosively large markets


  • Team Phlote Curation (Rinkeby)
    • Black Dave
    • Rell
    • Carlyle
    • Dmiles
    • Irshad
    • Claude
    • Odenz
    • Grams
    • Ladi
    • Saba
    • Sheed
    • Neoma
    • Mav
    • Milly
    • Gowens
  • VB Notes w/ Felix
    • Personal Branding for each member ‘21.
      • Music
      • Merch
      • Heavy Branding
    • Branding - VB Patches
    • Funding the projects is the big question?
    • Organization
      • VB Drop Calendar
    • Everyone on projects receive VB tokens
      • Executive producers included
    • Guests: Felix, Odenz, Claude, Irshad



  • Co-signs added
  • Guests: Sebastien Miller


  • Key commands and tags used to show editorial.
  • Look @


  • Curator Call Magazine
  • Phlote Live Vote Show on Twitch



  • Investor Deck


  • Google Search
    • 8.5 billion searches made on Google daily
    • The search results we see first paid advertisements
    • The best information is buried in the bowels of the internet
    • Google Wins, Advertisers win
    • 8.5 billion daily searches are underserved
    • We think there’s a better way
    • We’re inviting a handful of curators who’s taste we trust
    • To help us build a portal to “The Curated Internet”



  • Investor Deck
  • Guest: Matt Singer,


  • Phlote token connected to site
  • What are you making? What is the problem? Who is the customer?
    • Word of Mouth @ Scale
    • The Search Engine for Emerging Artists


  • Sheed lands in DC.



  • To Do:
  • Wallet Wednesday
    • Luke Bar$
    • Grams
  • TCR Rollout
    • Wix - Beta Curator Application Process
    • Guest List - Wallet Weds
    • Newsletter Sign Up - Finalize first letter and email list
  • Trademark
  • Generative + Data Viz


  • What are we enabling our users to do when they walk away from Phlote?
  • What superpowers are we giving them?
  • Compete on making users awesome.
    • Culturally Connected
  • Financing Notes
    • 18 months runway
    • Calculate Burn rate
    • Prioritize strategic investors
      • Brand name investors
      • Web 3 investors (Variant, Coinfund, etc) or their partners
  • Pitch on tech
    • Rollout and vision
  • Capitalization Options (Discussed)
    • Traditional equity w/ accredited
      • Equity could convert to tokens
      • Similar to equity with warrants
    • Raise capital through token
    • Accredited
    • Money + sweat
    • Other DAO’s investing in tokens
  • Investor Deck Outline (Draft)
    • Agreements - Tokenomics + Sources of value
    • Build out of the phlote ecosystem - who are the players,
    • Curators make signal on future artist value to build on-chain track record
    • Curators signaling on other curators
    • Onboarding curators - centralized, then decentralized - how does it work.
      • Want this to be fair and transparent
    • Use of token
      • Governance - need Phlote to vote
      • Work token - Curators need it to curate on platform
  • Tokenomics - How is value captured with the token?
    • Everybody’s boat should Phlote.
    • Phlote Token could act as an Index of emerging artists.
    • Marketplace Fee capture reflected in Phlote token
    • Royalty baked into the submission (mint free + royalty)
  • System runs on speculators want to find the next big thing
    • Potential for passive investors to stake curators
      • Influencer pools staked by fans (example)
        • Fans support curators in supporting artists by buying Phlote tokens to delegate to curators.
        • Staked tokens give curators more buying/voting power.
        • How to design for the success of the underlying artists spill over to all of Phlote
  • In most cases, artists want attention and engagement on the NFT
    • Curator signalisng on nft the artist created
    • Creators need capital
    • Portfolio building backers back curators to
  • Fans should grow with the plaftorm - DAO to DAO competition
  • Onboarding incentives - curator to artists  and artists to artists - referrals.


  • TCR Rollout and Roadmap (DRAFT)
    • The first 2-3 year rollout of the site and brand in the form of a TCR with a small list of initial curators but a full rollout to a Wiki style platform.
  • Goals
    • Discover & Amplify Emerging Artists and Projects
    • Attract Music lovers and those passionate about culture tech
    • Optimized curation experience
    • Users stake tokens to earn rewards for their contributions
  • Notes
    • 3 User Types - Artist, Curator, Listener
    • Reputation rewards - tokens = influence = voting power
    • Custom back-end - Dashboard, Wallet, Public Profile
    • Access to Everything → home page and data viz is what gets people curious and makes them want to buy NFT/tokens and add to the data viz.
    • Weekly charts and playlists are available with no web 3 connect
    • Value is added from adding an artist + if information is added to that specific artist
    • Artists can get bonuses for adding the info themselves and get final veto on information displayed.
    • Artist can be added and value can be accrued without them being on the platform
    • Invite only to start
  • Website Pre-Build
  • Stage 0 - Data Input
    • Submission Process
    • Submission Minting
    • Limited Search
    • Onboarding Beta Users
    • Edition Purchase + co-signs
    • Generative Art
  • Stage 1 - Music Player + Submission + Viz
    • Music Player
    • Music Visualizer
    • Music submission and minting
  • Stage 2 - Wiki Inspired Content
    • Wiki Enabled & Advanced Profiles (for curators)
    • Full artist profiles
    • Includes ID of curator who curated into Web3 (curator token)
    • Artist has master key to edit but users can suggest edits
    • Users can upload and edit artist without him being on platform
    • Tokenomics models added features and refined economics
  • Stage 3 - POS
    • Advanced Minting features
  • Rollout Schedule (DRAFT)
    • Stage 0 - Public Launch - Feb 22, 2022 (2.22.22)
    • Stage 1 - November/December 2022
    • Stage 2 - August/September 2023
  • Rough Estimate Costs
    • Stage 1: 30-50K
    • Stage 2: 40-60K
    • Stage 3: 60-90k
    • Grand Total : 130-200k Spread Over 2 Years
  • Notes
    • Focus on driving demand for curator and artist submissions as a way to support the token. Post curation the listener should ideally be buying NFT's and creating their own playlists.
    • What is the full depth of our TCR Token mechanics?
      • Token value is driven by token demand for archive/index inclusion.
      • Music submissions require tokens.
      • Curation requires tokens.
      • As more tokens are purchased/burned through the submission process, value accrues to Phlote Token Holders.
      • A quality index creates demand to be included in the index, which translates into earnings for curators.
        • Curators drive value for artists by taking the selling burden off of them.
        • Should reviews be emotionally driven (how the art made the curator feel)
          • That commentary could be more valuable than a simple rating and as valuable as providing the historical/cultural context for works.
    • Dashboard could be used to show number of submissions, percentage reviewed, tokens staked, token inventory, archive. Maybe we create a music inbox - goal is to get to inbox 0.
    • Is there a feed?
    • Are there recommendation engines that advertisers use that could be reframed to present users helpful information based on preferences?
    • What should we take away from bitclout for our token economics and functionality? Betting on artists early before they even get on the platform - buying value in that artist.
    • Idea - artists can mint a song as a rare 1 of 1 NFT that can be kept private or added to a public playlist
      • This makes a whole new economy around rare tracks the artist can release outside of albums.
      • Artists can put rare 1 of 1 songs on a playlist that is “pay to stream”
    • If we're encouraging collection/playlisting, then rarity of songs will be a big driver of value and an important part of the ownership experience. If we assume all curators are DJs that are using the TCR to source music for their sets, then we should absolutely figure out a way for them to be able to monetize their lists and share proceeds with the artists.
    • One way is to let DJ's play sets and list/link to NFT's that are included in the set.
    • NFTs owned will also be a part of everyone's profile.
  • Appendix NOTES: July 31
    • Make the experience fun → gamified experience
    • randomized rewards → builds hype → randomly get 10k


Guests; Saeed Bolden, Singh Cap Partners


  • Operating Agreement signed
  • Social media branding updated
  • Guests: Odenz, Yana Sosnovskaya


  • TCR Rollout
    • Email activation + podcast/newsletter
  • Released First Episode of “Curator Call”
  • Polygon Intro
  • Guests: Stefanie Thomas, Sean Wilkes


  • Guests: Harrison, Glue, Heno, Carter Brown, Odenz


  • Rest Day


  • Phlote Search Tokenomics
    • Curation
      • Curators buy NFT's and receive PV tokens to participate --> Establishes Eth/PV ratio
      • Curators mint curation NFTs --> Higher ETH/PV
      • Curators only gain "exposure" to treasury from having submissions staked (co-signed) by other curators.
      • Unstaked tokens are burned at the end of the period.
    • Artists
      • Artists pay to sbmit songs --> Higher ETH/PV
    • Rankings
      • Curators ranked by tokens staked (points) and by number of co-signs received
      • Payouts happen automatically at the end of each epoch.
  • Micro Algorithmic Curation Hedge Funds
    • Track Record established and tracked.
    • We curate the Highest Returns.
    • Consider establishing a 1 week lag on curated versus externally shared content
    • To start, keep search open and updated it in real time.
      • Create an index of such quality that artists are compelled to submit.
      • Maintain Free Search so that the information is always free.
      • Having a permissionless minting platform underpin our submission process like Mint Split will allow Phlote to personally direct artists to our minting platform to support Phlote tokens and create custom smart contracts that have the following provisions banked in:
        • social impact royalty
        • curator credits
        • automatic inclusion in Phlote Index
        • Phlote economics - 80/15/5
  • Ranking
    • Rankings are calculated per period based on points accrued from each curators curation and co-signing activity.
    • The curator has three token balances
      • Tokens purchased
      • Tokens staked
      • Tokens received
    • Only tokens staked and received count towards rankings to encourage sharing and co-signing great content that others will enjoy :-)
      • Some curators may not be compelled by game or social mechanics, preferring to prioritize the opportunity to archive culture on chain as reward enough.
    • Token staking rewards.
      • (Point Multiple/Cost)
      • Curator (+ 6x PV1)/$.5
      • First cosigner (+ 5x PV1)/$.25
      • Second cosigner (+ 4x PV1)/$.25
      • Third cosigner (+ 3x PV1)/$.25
      • Fourth cosigner (+ 2x PV1)/$.25
      • Firth cosigner (+ 1x PV1)/$.25
    • PV1 - Phlote Vote 1 Tokens
    • Those who stake tokens early have highest potential for to accrue points.
    • Curators who mint submissions are only players who have potential for immediate financial benefit.
  • Rankings and Rewards
    • Programmatic Rewards:
      • Phlote Treasury is the reward pool.
        • Top 3 winners get payouts as below.
        • All participants have exposure to art portfolio through PV1 holdings.
      • Continue 1 million token epochs.
        • Liquid treasury assets (submission fees and curation NFT mint fees) earned over the period get paid out to top 3 curators as follows.
          • 1st Place - 40%
          • 2nd Place - 30%
          • 3rd Place - 20%
          • Phlote 10% + Yield (fee for Phlote platforms/partner curation)
  • Re-up
    • At the end of each period, a set of new NFTs is minted and Vickery auctioned to restart the game.
    • Participants in the current round have a chance to retain membership seat.
  • Revenue opportunities:
    • This is a curation game that allows members to identify the highest quality digital assets. Any association with high quality art will drive many positive benefits to the business and is leading to many amazing opportunities that we're excited about.
  • To start revenues generated from 3 primary means:
    • NFT Sales

      • Membership NFTs
    • Minting Fees - (Selected Artists)

    • Curation Submission Fees (Active Curation)

    • Co-sign Minting Fees

    • Music Submission Fees (Passive Curation)

    • Phlote Fund One - $50 million Fund

      To build Phlote into the hottest Internet company on the Planet.


  • Phlote Search
    • I do like the idea of curators receiving artist NFTs as a form of compensation for artists they onboard into Web3.
    • We also like the idea of using the meta and transaction data from the submission mints to create generative art. Each mint could generate a unique NFT based on variables such as date, time of day, transaction hash, third letter of the artist's name, marketplace, etc. Interesting to think about rarity becoming something that develops over time from curator habits.
    • Generative Artist Outreach
      • Chris Martz
      • Lia Coleman
      • Maxwell Step
  • VB Business/FundRaise Plan
  • Foundation invite activated (from Glassface)
  • WG’0x Launched
  • Ken Nguyen Follow Up
  • Abieyuwa Curation
  • Luke Bar$
    • Analytics received
    • Top 50 customers
    • Kulture Hub Story on Luke Bar$ Genesis and essay (Why I’m into NFTs - Reward early supporters with music as digital assets, bring fans on my journey)
    • Announce next drop and send instructions to download Metamask.
  • Mareko - Glass
  • Documents - Letter, TCR Dock + Rollout
  • Guests: Luke Bar$, Sheed, Abieyuwa, Maxwell Step


  • Phlote Search
  • FUTR x LGND Next Steps
    • Run of Show Document
    • Wallet Onboarding
    • Gather Tour
    • FUTRxLGND Marketplace
  • Guests: Felice Archbold, Ben Meyer, Mareko James, Leanna Yip, FUTRxLGND


  • Guests: Melanie Mclain, Odenz, Florian Adolph



  • Guests: Von Bryant


  • Dust ID for Curator Cards
  • Guests: FUTRxLGND


  • House Party 1 w/ Impermanent ID
    • Guests: Luke $Bars


  • Phlote Search
  • D’Angelo produced by Questlove is the project we wall want to see.
  • Empowerment, Culture, Decentalization
  • The open sourcing of music may follow the Github model (Redito)
  • Guests: John Gotty, Gab Micheletti, John Slade, Mark Redito


  • Phlote Index
  • Design for Speculation
    • Reinforcing action
    • More rewards
    • Curation mode activated by -
      • Token threshold
        • Grants from Treasury to select artists/collaborators
      • Quality Threshold
        • Staking/buying tokens of other curators picks
    • Locked version for active curators -
  • Guests: 5150, Glue, Ken, Rodolfo, Carlyle Smith


  • Phlote Live Vote Show
    • Tuesdays at 7 pm
    • Winner receives mint on Catalog*
    • One submission per DAO
    • Phlote will purchase NFT for a predetermined amount.
    • Purchased NFTs held in Phlote Treasury
    • Phlote Token Holders owners shares of Phlote Treasury
    • More Phlote Tokens = More Shares of Phlote Treasury
  • For the past three months, we’ve been testing community voting processes to find good music. We realized early on that our community has great taste. The first artist we identified, Billy Racxx, is now prolific across Web3. Jansport J is now a 2x Grammy nominated artist. Rocky Snyda and JayProb have been unleashed to take over NYC.  We believe in the power of our curation so much,that we’ve started to buy NFTs of the artists our community has introduced us to.
  • Recently, we brought live voting for songs to Twitter spaces. The results have been just as impressive as before, with the added benefits of live programming. We invite you to come join us every Tuesday at 7 pm. Each week’s winner gets minted on Catalog. We pay the gas fee and buy the NFT. We now plan to scale our efforts by opening the opportunity for anyone to participate as we curate and purchase NFT of artists emerging in Web3.
  • As curators, we want to tag the content we fw. Any writer will tell you that the most important thing your tag can carry is respect. Otherwise, there is no value.
  • Collectors of $Tags will have the opportunity to help us decide which artists to #stamp and have incentive to do so. Funds raised through this crowdfund will be directed to the Phlote Treasury, where they will be used to purchase NFTs of the artists we collectively decide to support through our Live Vote Show. Any holder of $Tags will also own shares of Phlote Treasury, giving them financial exposure to the value of the underlying NFTs.
  • 50% of the tokens generated from this Crowdfund will be retained by Phlote to compensate hosts and reward curators.
  • Guests: Silkey, $Grams


  • Live Vote Show Winner - Twerl
  • L1 vs L2 Recording -→ Here
  • FUTRxLGND Live Vote Show January 8th OS NYC
  • Calls: Sheed, Merna Maker (Seed Club), Russ Ballard (40 Acres DAO)


  • Partner Meeting
  • Scheduling Season 1 of a Podcast Series we’re calling “Curator Call”
    • 8 - 12 week season
    • February 15 Release
  • Calls: Bob Fisk (Seed Club)


  • Calls: Rome Fortune


  • Phlote TCR
    • Design Curator Cards - 5150/KB
    • Co-signs are comments/stamps.
      • Stamps rev goes to original curator.
      • Mint fees goes to Phlote DAO to support token.
  • Phlote OS Apps
    • Read, Watch, Listen (Blog/Syllabus, Office, Secret)
    • Three roles - artist, curator, collector
    • Add role select to the website that highlights different apps - unlocked by specific tokens
    • Edit and send videos to ArifHallway Genesis Mints
  • Finish Newsletter
    • Add Roadmap
    • Topic Fully Transparent Business Model + Community
  • Letters - Curator Club, Broad Email List
    • Curator Club - Partners + SC/Mirror Support + At Large
  • Phlote Partner Call added to Google Calendar
  • Explore minting a snapshot the business once weekly.
    • Cohorts, stats, etc.
    • Link with Lia C. on data visualization
    • Weekly Cohorts (Indexed as ETF’s)
  • Reach out to top 55 artists to mint on mint split.
    • Phlote pays gas
  • (1+1) = ♾


  • Phlote OS
    • Close out block color
    • Edit and send videos to Arif
    • Wallpaper rendering
    • Airtable link
    • “Artist name” + flashlight in search bar
    • Circle Blinker
    • Dante - Let’s start to test contracts
    • Look for Jitsi to mint integration
    • Is Private Vickrey Auction possible on Mirror
    • Saba - Marketplace designs for Mint Split
    • Artist Index Page
  • Phote TCR
    • How do we track and show wallet addresses captured? (guest list)
  • Palavi - Coinfund
  • Manpreet Singh - Investment Deck
  • Synead NFT - Send to Rome and Ricky
  • Rodolfo x Tom - Adobe
  • Grams Album Release on 2/11/22
    • Create “Table of Contents” to support release.
    • Creative remnants, drafts, journal entries, notes, etc. to show show process and intention behind the project in a transparent way.
  • Calls: R + J Seawell, $Grams


  • Phlote TCR
    • Zapier
    • V0 Spec
    • Use Dante contract to mint curator tokens. (1+1)
    • Tokenomics rewards
      • Curate artists into Phlote, curators recieve free NFTs as incentive.
        • Earned tokens can be redeemed for newly minted NFTs.
        • Marketplace is used to let community sell the tokens they’ve earned.
      • Ask Ken + Glue to review
      • Decide overall allocation (founders, advisors, partners, curator community)
  • $GM cover art secured.
  • From Alina - Benefits Specialist
    • Scott Cantin - insurance broker. He will be happy to discuss options with you. Here’s his contact information: 305-904-8989, National Marketing Group Services-  Let me know how it goes!
  • VB Notes w/ Sheed
    • Luke Sim Sima, Jiles - Juice, Felix - That's Just How I Feel.
    • Developer coming to the show.
    • Felix x Sound? Anniversary Drop In Bloom Forever + 3 songs.
    • How do we get Lyor on Howard Spring Break?
  • Denali
    • “Right Click Mint”
    • ETFs of the Index (Young Crews)
    • Adobe - Ask Tom
  • Calls: Ken (Insight Capital), Team Code, VB, Jack Spallone



  • Started Phlote TCR Documentation
  • Saint Lyor Notes
    • Seeing Saint Lyor open for Bryce Vine had me wondering how we might enable him to convert a higher percentage of the audience to new fans. Initiation an onstage “POAP” process? For ex, fans could text their wallet addresses to a cell phone # (powered by Zapier) to get a POAP for his performance at the show. The goal of the “POAP” would be to send a link or piece of media that would get user to fall down the 🐇 🕳
  • Blue House Walkthrough 2/3
  • Calls: 5150, Rodolfo, R3ll



  • Phlote TCR (Ideas)
    • Bonded search
    • Search Bar turns into input command line for Visualizer Mode.
    • Live DJ Secret Radio
  • 1/1 IRL Jelly Jeezus (digital or physical)
  • Felix NFT drop February
    • Title: “That’s Just How I Feel”
    • Suggest .222 starting bid price
  • Lock in with Emory, Creative Director on VB Sunday Dinner. Send him recording of our VB ideas.
  • Invite Sheed to Atlanta


  • 2.22.22
  • Kulture Hub x Phlote
  • Luke Bar$ - Good Evil - House of Blues Boston
  • Scheduling Next Week (intros)
  • $Grams genesis drop secured.
  • $Grams next steps:
    • Partybid something
    • Commission a piece from Impermenant iD.
    • Pick a date for the Philly live event.
    • Pick a release date for $GM w/ Yuri.


  • Phlote Hierarchy of Needs
    • Ultimate relaxation & lifestyle
    • Progress (growth via meaningful work + collaboration)
    • Connection
    • Security (COLA + Healthcare)
  • Luke Bar$
  • Calls: $Grams, VB, John Slade


Calls: Water & Music, Synead, Ben $Clams


Calls: Seed Club Podcast, Jack Spallone


  • Phlote OS (Idea) - Whip Test
  • Secret Radio Needs
    • Jersey Club Playlist
    • Keyboard Kid Seattle Playlist
  • Launched Phlote Music Day
  • Upcoming Drops
    • JayProb drop 1/21 (Glass)
    • VB - Luke Bars Drop 1/21 (Catalog)
    • Bronxlyn #2 NYC Feb 8th/15th (Glass)
  • Live Vote Show #5 Winner R3LL
  • Calls: FUTRxLGND, 5150, Chris M., VB



  • Phlote OS Notes
    • Community Curation displayed as media channels
    • Organized by Read (Magazine), Picture Book, Watch (TV), Listen (Secret Radio), Play (Video Game)
    • Coffee Table
    • Previous, Next, Like shortcuts (J, K, S)
    • Visual Feed > Data Feed
  • Bite Size is the right Size
  • VB Structure (Proposal)
    • Sheed CEO
    • Phlote XO
    • Phlote funds $30k in VB Treasury (Gnosis), Phlote added as signatory.
    • Web3 Partnership
    • ACC TOUR (?)
    • Document Recording Tour
      • VB Does Nature


  • Phlote OS Notes
    • Reward sharing. Give members a way to “tip” w/ “non-fungible stamps”.
    • NFT subscription funds treasury. Treasury funds likes.
    • Members earn for sharing content that leads to likes (and sales conversions).
    • Each member also builds their own curatorial archive.
    • Web2 site only displays curated content.
  • How it works:
    • Must purchase NFT or be Phlote token owner to play.
    • The total buy in goes into a treasury that is governed by the network.
    • Network members are ranked by numbers of shares they make and likes they receive.
    • Treasury is directed real time (Superfluid) to members for activity.
    • Non-fungible likes effectively become micro-tips (“Thank you”) for sharing.
    • Size of interest driven by size of the treasury.
    • NFT pricing likely to be driven by optimistic yield assumptions.
    • Investing the treasury to have upside (like a money bomb) gives it added excitement.
    • Treasury can act to lever capital raise in this manner, if there is transparency.
  • Higher multiples likely for on-chain rev.
    • Other key value levers to build transparency around - #members, # transactions, revenue, etc.
  • VB Records visit Brockton Mass.


  • Philosophy: 1. Long money over short money. 2. Show don't tell.
  • Office Recording Hours every day 9 am to 4 pm @
  • Process:
      1. Hyper focus on the most important next step.
  • Top 3 Priorities RN:
    • Phlote OS
    • Phlote Venture Fund
    • Homies - Atlanta based Community HQ of Team Phlote.
      • All events token gated and/or be used to bridge a new generation to Web3 by curating up and coming artists (Homies) into Web3 through live activation experiences exclusive to the membership.
      • Rome Fortune (CO) x Team Phlote (XO).
      • Rome Fortune becomes Phlote Founding Partner.
      • Reference: Children of the Light
    • Listen: Asymetric Podcast 🤯 ; Bankless w/ Chris Dixon - Web 3 Mental Models
    • Current state of Music Touring. Most music tours in the US are currently at risk. The culture cares about big transactions. A tour is symbolic of level because of the associated expense. Inferences are drawn and assumptions are made based on the city/run/venue sizes of an artists tour.
      • Question: Does this lead to pent up demand for music consumption?
    • Hallway, Claude, and I head to Brockton Mass to visit VB Records.
      • Would Wu would consider opening VB?
      • Reasons why this would make sense:
        • W would “pass the torch” to VB with an official and public stamp.
        • Brand revitalization with a younger audience.
        • VB LLC, a high growth company, that Wu-Tang can invest in and influence with their endorsement. Tour + Road Show in one.
        • Clearing question: Is W focused on maximizing money or status?



  • Phlote OS Notes -
    • Add feedback form + Instructions (how to use) + Reaction counts
  • Content Drip Strategy (🔦)
  • Experience design / Tokenomics - Design interfaces where people have an exchange of value and are monitoring their value in real time, driven by tokenomics (Johah BCA)
  • Discord - Start weekly cohorts + location based channels

Calls: Jonah


  • Today we curated our first live event as a DAO. Rocky Snyda and JayProb (aka FUTRxLGND) we're curated into Phlote by Claude Easy. Approx 6 weeks later, we're introducing them to Web3 with a genesis mint on Glass, the first to use Prism, a bonding curve feature for buying/selling NFTs (guaranteed liquidity) that may become commonplace across Web3.
  • If NFTs unlock digital ownership, should we all be building valuable digital properties/assets?
  • How can we allow owners to take digital assets (like music) into physical spaces.


  • FUTRxLEGEND first to mint on Prism (Glass)
  • Engagement model needs to be thorough
  • Idea: 1st comment NFT
  • Calls: Community Call, Andy Hines, Billy Racxx, Uptown Toney


Token Business Model (in summary).

  1. NFT sold for membership.
  2. Sales support treasury growth. Polygon ERC-20's used to compensate.
  3. Owners have exposure to [60%] treasury.
  4. Eth ERC-20's used for governance.
  5. NFT resales generate royalty for the treasury.
  • Objective is to create exciting membership experiences for NFT holders.
  • Expectation of future benefits reflected in NFT floor price.
  • Black to the Future
  • Calls: Ant Marshall, Rome Fortune


  • Disruptive, Original, Dope projects
  • Create opportunists for 1v1 engagement - Jelly Jeezus
  • The new business model is raising money from the community and building for them. Product, utility, built for the community. Token exchange for strategic investors that are additive to the network. Phlote is multi-sig signer Phased investing
  • Calls: Rome Fortune


  • Thoughts on Nas x Royal NFT
    • This is a “money grab” in disguise. Royalties are not likely to generate enough income for these NFTs to be considered a attractive investment from a yield perspective. Buyers are likely to be very disappointed with the low level of royalty generated relative to the price of these tokens. EVERYONE involved in this transaction is likely aware of this except for buyers. 👎🏾👎🏾
  • How do we allow curators to "stamp" Web3 content?
  • On chain voting is one of many use cases enabled by Layer 2 scaling solutions.
  • Peer to peer sharing network with incentive layer for conversions. (music archive)
  • Calls: Beatstars, Lloud App


  • Curators are the artists.
  • Multiple playlists + content
  • Playlist teams + competitions
  • DAO playlists?
  • Not Financial Advice - Column about undervalued projects.
  • Use all forms of media - column, airletter, podcast section, IG
  • What is the larger context around our media? Is there a job to be done beyond education + curation?
  • Calls: Arif, Glass, FUTRxLGND, Ria


  • The most exciting music company on the internet. Decentralized curation @ scale.
  • Build cultural meeting places on valuable digital real estate (Jelly Jesus).
  • Obstacles: 1. Organization 2. Noise
  • Metrics (# of) 1. Transactions and 2. Wallet Addresses
  • Stats over narrative.
  • Calls: VB, Avin A.


  • Podcast recording starting 1/13 with Greg @ Beat Stars.
  • Vision: "Cartoon Network for music discovery." 🤫🤫
  • Calls: Slim Jeff, FUTRxLGND, Glass


  • Open Submissions --> Secret Radio --> Live Vote Show
  • How do we integrate the live show into the site? What is the goal of the live show?
  • Ideas: Discord Music Festival, Selling Experiences as Token Gated Discord Servers.
  • Calls: Young Crews, Lloud App

Phlote was founded in June 2020. Very early, it was obvious to us that artists x crypto was a good idea, enabling independent artists to get paid and retain creative control without requiring them to give away their rights. We immediately saw the opportunity to support up & coming artists in new ways. Two years of research and experimentation have taught us a thing or two. We now know where we fit and see an opportunity to tell our story. Thank you for reading.

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