5 Artists To Invest In (8.22.22)

Artists need help. Whether it’s the relationship between Lil Wayne and Drake or the less talked about the relationship between director Anthony Mandler and Tyler, The Creator everyone needs somebody. You now have the ability to give artists money and receive something in return that will appreciate in value as that artist gets bigger. We love investing in great creators and every Sunday I’ll give you 5 new artists that are rising in through our submissions on Phlote.xyz

Jean Dawson

With Jean's song above running up the numbers on DSP's this is a no-brainer. His 3rd album CHAOS NOW is coming October 7th and a headlining tour is following with all of North America getting a taste of the beautiful noise that he's serving up. If you want in, now is the time.

Cosign: Jean Dawson

Young Nudy

Young Nudy - Nudy's EA Monster hit the streets with a 7.5 Pitchfork review and it deserved every bit of that. With YSL currently going through the struggle I can see Nudy picking up the mantle and running things with his experimental raps and phenomenal beat selection. Each roll out seems to get better and I would get in on Nudy now before he's even more outta here.

Cosign: Young Nudy

Reggie Volume

Reggie Volume - Reggie is a DJ to keep your name on, he recently played our show in DC and closed things out with a remix of Busta Rhymes that left nothing to be desired. Music is only going to become more creative and DJs are going to hold the keys to the castle. The most creative DJs will flourish and we see Reggie not holding back.

Cosign: Reggie Volume


Face is an absolute monster. As someone who has plugged in to so many artists roll outs and given them the sauce we see Glassface stepping out on his own as a natural progression of this creative. Impermanent Digital is a force and with Face leading this collective we see nothing stopping his solo music from going off.

Cosign: Glassface


ForteBowie - Forte's early success with Trinidad James was followed by even more success with Jacquees. Now with a couple of projects under his belt, this next project is the amalgamation of both these early successes. The most recent release from ForteBowie is exclusively on Phlote.xyz and will be hitting DSPs this week, it’s easily one of the most dance-ready songs of this year.

Cosign: ForteBowie

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