If You Like: SZA's "SOS"

SZA's cultural importance lies in her unique blend of vulnerability and strength, as well as her dedication to representing underrepresented voices. Her music confronts issues of race, gender, and mental health with raw honesty and vulnerability, providing a refreshingly authentic perspective within the mainstream music industry.

One key aspect of SZA's cultural importance is her representation of Black womanhood. In her songs, she openly discusses the complexities and challenges of being a Black woman in America, addressing topics such as colorism, microaggressions, and the pressure to conform to societal beauty standards. Through her music, SZA creates a space for Black women to express their experiences and emotions without fear of judgment or invalidation.

Another aspect of SZA's cultural importance is her portrayal of mental health. In her songs, she openly discusses her struggles with anxiety, depression, and self-doubt, providing a relatable and nuanced portrayal of mental health within the music industry. By normalizing discussions of mental health, SZA empowers her listeners to seek help and support, challenging the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Overall, SZA's cultural importance lies in her ability to speak truthfully and authentically about issues that are often overlooked or marginalized within mainstream media. Through her music, she provides a platform for underrepresented voices and encourages listeners to embrace their individuality and authenticity.

We hand-picked ten artists that have co-signed submissions on Phlote.xyz that will give you these same feelings that SZA portrays in her most recent project.

Fana Hues - Fana Hues has found success by allowing her music to happen naturally, resulting in a cosign from Tyler, The Creator and a feature on the best rap project of 2021.

Jean Dawson - Jean Dawson grew up in Tijuana and San Diego, studying film at California State University before releasing his first album in 2019. He is now embarking on a sold-out headlining tour and is influenced by musicians like Prince and Michael Jackson.

Neemz - Boston-based artist Neemz is a multifaceted talent who is venturing into the music world and showcasing her abilities in photography, modeling, and more. Hailing from the city that has consistently produced exceptional artists, Neemz is creating her own path.

LAYA - LAYA, a singer from Staten Island, New York, knew from a young age that she wanted to become a professional singer. She saved her money to buy recording equipment and taught herself how to use it, eventually posting her music on SoundCloud. She never had a plan B and was determined to make her musical dreams come true.

COSIMA - South East London native Cosima has made a memorable impression with her artful compositions that combine contemporary R&B vocals with pop flair, drawing on a diverse range of influences including Cuban, Brazilian, and German traditions. She largely taught herself to play and honed her craft while staying with her grandparents in Germany, where she met a classical singing teacher. Since launching her record label, South of Heaven Records, in 2019, she has been creating art entirely on her own terms.

Olivia Dean - Olivia Dean is an East London artist who has faced challenges as a female in the music industry. She is committed to breaking down barriers for female and non-binary artists through her music, which explores themes of independence, self-empowerment, and tackling misogyny. She has worked exclusively with female music video directors since she debuted in 2018. Dean's music is for everyone to enjoy and is written from a female perspective.

NNAVY - NNAVY is a Switzerland-based, Burundian artist whose sound is rich and relaxing. Her debut EP "Blue" is an intimate, seven-track collection that showcases her minimal, stripped-down production and use of jazz instruments. The themes in her music are based on her own life experiences and touch on love, internal conflicts, and relationships. In addition to her own music, she often covers other artists' songs on her social media accounts.

Dreamcastmoe - Dreamcastmoe is a singer and producer from Washington D.C. who cites Marvin Gaye and Donny Hathaway as musical inspirations. He grew up as a drummer and only began recording his own vocal talents in his early 20s. One of his demos eventually caught the attention of Andrew Morgan from the label Peoples Potential Unlimited. Dreamcastmoe had previously met Morgan at an obscure, unrecorded Boiler Room party.

Mack Keane - Mack Keane, is a 23-year old self-made R&B/Soul artist from Northern Los Angeles. He grew up in a musically-inclined family and began writing songs at a young age. Mack's music is inspired by R&B/Soul artists like Stevie Wonder, D'Angelo and Prince, as well as the more rugged side of the music industry such as Folk artist Bon Iver.

Peter $un - Peter $un is an artist and producer based in Los Angeles. He gained attention in 2016 with his "Paradise Is A Day Away" mixtape, and has since received co-signs from artists like Russ, Ebro, Guapdad 4000, and Zane Lowe. His unique sound and ability to never hold back on a track have made him a notable figure in the music industry. His new EP, "Phone Calls Gimme Anxiety," has been receiving positive attention. In a recent interview, $un discussed the new EP, the effects of music on him, discovering his talent for writing rhymes, and more.

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